14 Things Empaths Need in Life to Be Happy | Highly Sensitive Refuge

This morning, I cried watching a video of a 17-year-old shelter dog who was saved and lived his last year happy and loved. A little while later, I messaged with a friend who is having a hard time. Although it felt good to listen and support her, I spent the afternoon trying to work through the darkness and anxiety I was feeling after the conversation. It took a while to get back to “normal.”

Loitering Is Delightful | Ross Gay | The Paris Review

The Webster’s definition of loiter reads thus: “to stand or wait around idly without apparent purpose,” and “to travel indolently with frequent pauses.” Among the synonyms for this behavior are linger, loaf, laze, lounge, lollygag, dawdle, amble, saunter, meander, putter, dillydally, and mosey.

Is Social Media Killing Intellectual Humility? | Big Think

“One way the internet distorts our picture of ourselves is by feeding the human tendency to overestimate our knowledge of how the world works,” writes philosophy professor Michael Patrick Lynch. Social media echo chambers have made us overconfident in our knowledge and abilities.

What Is Sangha? | By Thich Nhat Hanh | THE LION’S ROAR

A sangha is a community of friends practicing the dharma together in order to bring about and to maintain awareness. The essence of a sangha is awareness, understanding, acceptance, harmony and love. When you do not see these in a community, it is not a true sangha, and you should have the courage to say so.


What is a friend? Most people today would consider this a non-question, something self-evident. A friend is obviously a person we ‘like’, a positive ‘somebody’ in our social networks. Facebook has proven this to be the case and made billions of dollars from linking us our 5,000 or so friends.

Where Do You Draw The Boundaries Of Home? Understanding Bioregions Might…

It is curious that the concept of a bioregion is so unknown to the mainstream population, when every human culture on the planet was conceived in a bioregion, a geographic area defined by natural ecological boundaries (such as rivers & mountain ranges) as well as the social-cultural boundaries…

We Need to Move Beyond Coming Out and Begin Inviting In | ADVOCATE

Today is National Coming Out day — a time that has historically been used to encourage queer people to tell their friends and families that we aren’t heterosexual, or cisgender, as power and privilege make that the default assumption. While it’s served as a helpful marker for many, it’s time to expand our understanding of what “coming out” really means — and what it could look like reimagined.

Bishop Seitz: Single-Issue Voting Has Corrupted Christian Political Witness

The presidential election is fast approaching. Elections are a critical way we take an active role shaping the common good. We naturally project our hopes and desires for a resolution to the pains now afflicting our country onto that important moment when we cast our ballot.

Sleeping Woke: Cancel Culture and Simulated Religion | Medium

A new religion has erupted. It has taken over newsrooms, radio waves, HR departments, social feeds and film scripts. It dictates your playlists on Netflix. It tells you what language is acceptable, and what will be punished. It is not religion as we know it, but a simulated religion; a uniquely decentralised and leaderless cult of the internet age.

What If Friendship, Not Marriage, Was at the Center of Life? | The Atlantic

Kami West had been dating her current boyfriend for a few weeks when she told him that he was outranked by her best friend. West knew her boyfriend had caught snatches of her daily calls with Kate Tillotson, which she often placed on speaker mode.

How Inuit Parents Teach Kids To Control Their Anger

Back in the 1960s, a Harvard graduate student made a landmark discovery about the nature of human anger. At age 34, Jean Briggs traveled above the Arctic Circle and lived out on the tundra for 17 months. There were no roads, no heating systems, no grocery stores. Winter temperatures could easily dip below minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

This Is What It Feels Like To Finally Be With Your Forever Person

Your forever person will be someone you would have never expected. He or she will come into your life when you need him or her the most and make all the difference in the world. We assume that our forever person is someone we can ‘choose’ ourselves but love doesn‘t work that way.

Single Man Who Grew Up In Foster Care Adopts 3 Boys

Like many 20-year-olds, Barry Farmer felt adrift, unsure of what to do. He spotted an ad looking for foster parents and applied. Growing up in foster care, he knew how meaningful the role was to kids. But he had no idea he’d become a single dad to three sons before turning 30.

Why Young People are Turning to Platonic Marriages | Huck Magazine

For Jay, a platonic life partnership with Krystle “just made sense” – their friendship had been filled with nothing but “companionship, love, laughter and adventure”.

Some Americans No Longer Believe in the Common Good

Americans now are thinking only of themselves. When I witness the vitriol swirling around the slightly uncomfortable prospect of wearing a little piece of cloth throughout the day, it is easy to grow weary.

French Philosopher Urges People to Rebel – by Making Friends

Building your life around close friendships rather than family or romance is a joyous and necessary act of rebellion, and governments should put in place “friendship ministries” to radically rethink the way society is organised, a key French philosopher has argued.